Naše tipy


All the exhibited models in the Boheminium Park are exact replicas of existing listed buildings in the Czech Republic. All the models are made to a scale of 1:25 - the models are 25 times smaller than the originals. Diminution makes it possible to show in precise detail the architecture and the form of an object in a way that is similar to seeing it from a plane at 200 metres. Visitors are therefore welcome to return in the future when new and interesting treasures of Czech architecture can be seen.



This is an indoor facility that offers a 25m pool and a children's pool. Other services include a warming area, whirlpool, hairdressers, massage, and snack bar. Admission is either single, group, or with a chip.



Ski resort in winter offers you: 1.6 km of slopes. Rental and service with excellent facilities. New children's park with a moving carpet and modern teaching elements. Ski school and kindergarten. Refreshments and restaurant is at the cableway station. The groomed trails - different areas of difficulty. Parking directly in the ski FREE. Hours premises: 9:00 - 21:00.



Obstacle funicular offers a unique adventure, but safe experience in which you verify your own skills and learn to trust. If, however, you like the traditional sports such as tennis, table tennis or badminton, sports complex will not disappoint you. To improve your style, you can use high-quality services of our trainers. If you would like to organize a contest, school trips or other organized event, cable center in Marienbad will meet your wishes. Summer children's camps.